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Simon of the Broken and Mended Heart
by Amy

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We've moved! We now live in beautiful Littlestown, PA, in a large turn-of-the-century Georgian revival house. We're very happy about the move.

Unfortunately, I still haven't found enough time to get this website up-to-date. I have boxes of new art from the children and writing from both Amy and Simon, all of which should be online. Hopefully I'll get more time in the future now that I've finished up a few book projects.



Amy is in fourth grade and doing fabulously. She's growing out of her little girl days and becoming a young lady. Spooky fast. She's till artistic and clever, but, alas, she doesn't want to be an Egyptologist anymore.

Simon is in first grade and is getting ready to turn SEVEN! Wow. He's grown up so beautifully. He's reading well, drawing well, and embracing life. What a guy. He still loves playing with legos, which he transforms into marvelous creations. He truly has a talent for it, but his most salient characteristic is his enthusiasm for life. Lessons could be learned from him.

Ollie will turn six in February. The past four years have been challenging, but he's a happy, happy boy. Still doesn't have heart-to-heart conversations with his dear old dad, but he does give me a kiss when I ask, for which I am grateful. He's begun kindergarten and is spending some time in a typical classroom. He seems to be doing well, but I suppose I will alway worry a bit about what the future holds. Still, it is easier now than it was four years ago and he is definitely plugged into the family, for which I am also grateful. I can't imagine a sweeter more beautiful boy. We really dodged a bullet with him.

Leslie is doing incredibly well. It's astonishing how much she is capable of getting done and how well she does it. Her career is going well, though it does come with the usually stressful moments. She loves the new house (as we all do) and only lacks a bit of time to rest. But, that's parenthood, I suspect. Still, she's loved and appreciated and important to so many people's lives.

Kevin is writing. But isn't he always? He has three books in press. Hemingway should be out any day now, Script Culture and the American Screenplay is in the hands of the typesetters, and George Orwell is in press (at this writing, it is in the copyediting stage). The next year or so should yield three more books. He is a bit discouraged by the fact that his new novel, B.O.O.T., which Kurt Vonnegut called "a clearly heroic and brilliant work," has not yet found a publisher. But that's the writing biz. He's working on a new novel called Jesus vs. The Zombies of Perdition, which is going better than one might expect from such a bizarrely-titled manuscript.